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Competition Results


Pro Score V.4

1. In ProScore click on Reports on the top bar.
2. Under Available Results, click to open the Results Tab
3. Click on Meet Results
4. Choose Session, Level and Age Division just like when printing meet results to be announced.
5. Click on “Create Web Page” on the Right
6. Create a new folder titled meet results & save the results under the title of “Session, Level, Age Division”
7. Do steps 4-6 for every session, level and age division in the competition
8. Create a word document for each sessions results, or combine a few small sessions.
9. Open the meet results folder, and double click on session 1 results for the first level/age division, this will open as a web page.
10. Highlight the entire web page and copy
11. Paste the results that was just copied from the web page into the Word Document that was created for the meet results.
12. Do steps 9-11 for each level/age division for the first session. Do the same for each session.
13. Save each sessions results in a word document titled Session and Level
14. Email the word documents only to AND

How to save meet results using ProScore v. 5.0

  1. In the “Reports” tab click on “Results”

  2. Click on “Meet Results”

  3. Choose Session, Level & Age Group and add by clicking on the green plus button at the bottom

  4. Select Export Type as a JPEG Image

  5. Click the save button on the bottom right side

  6. Click “ok” on the JPEG set up page

  7. Save results as JPEG Image.Be sure to label clearly so it is easier to find later.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for each session, level & age group

  9. Open a Word Document

  10. Click on Insert Picture

  11. Insert the JPEG Image of the results you saved in steps 3-7

  12. Add each of the result JPEG images to one Word Document page

  13. Save only 1 Word Document with all of the results

  14. Email the results Word Document to Terry Doster at and to Michelle Toop at

2019 AAU 3rd Qualifier Results
South Results-Horizon


2019 Spring AAU 1st Qualifier Results
North Results

2018 Fall AAU State Meet Results-Estero, FL

2018 Fall State Team Results

2018 Fall AAU 2nd Qualifier Results

2018 Fall AAU 1st Qualifier Results


2018 AAU Spring State Meet Results-Daytona Beach

Acro Results

Gym A:

Level 1 Results
Level 2 Results
Xcel Bronze Results
Level 2Z group 4 and Level BZ group 4 results
Level 1,2 & Bronze Team Results

Gym B:

Saturday Results
Sunday Results
Team Results
Results from Session B6 Level 4Z and Session B9 Level 3A
Xcel Silver Small Teams Corrected

Gym C:
Saturday Results
Sunday Results
Team Results


2018 AAU 2nd Qualifier Results

2018 AAU 1st Qualifier Results
South-Horizon Gymnastics:
Saturday sessions 1-4  
Sunday sessions 5-7

North-Gym Force
Saturday Results
Sunday Results


2017 AAU 3rd Qualifier Results

2017 AAU 2nd Qualifier Results
Horizon Gymnastics

2017 AAU 1st Qualifier Results
Tampa Gymnastics

2017 Spring State Championship Results
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Xcel Bronze
Xcel Silver
Xcel Gold
Xcel Platinum
Xcel Diamond
Ladies Level 8
Ladies Gold
Ladies Platinum

2017 Spring 3rd Qualifier Results
South: Horizon Gymnastics Results


2017 Spring 1st Qualifier Results
South:  Naples
Levels 1,2,3 and Bronze
Levels 4 and up

Central:  Bayside Results

North: Gym Force Results

2016 Fall 1st Qualifier Results
South-Horizon: Levels 1-5

2016 Fall 2nd Qualifier Results Suncoast Meet Results-click here

2016 Fall 3rd Qualifier Results Naples Meet Results-click here

2016 Spring State Championship Results

Gym A:     Level 1      Level 2     Beginner Modified Optional

Gym B:     Level 3      Level 4     Level 4 Session 8 Results

                 Level 3 Small Team     Level 3 Medium Team     Level 3 Large Team

                 Level 4 Small Team     Level 4 Medium Team     Level 4 Large Team

Gym C:     Level 5 & Intermediate Optionals     Advanced Optional     Open Optionals     Level 7     Ladies, Level 8,9 & 10

                 Level 5 & up Teams

2016 3rd Qualifier Results

South:  Horizon

Level 1-3 Results     Level 4-5 Results    Optional Results

Central:  Suncoast Meet Results

2016 1st Qualifier Results

South:  Naples
Level 1 Results
Level 2 Results
Level 3 Results
Level 4 & 5 Results
Intermediate & Open Modified Optional Results
Advanced Modified Optional Results
7,8,9 & 10 Results

Saturday Session 1
Saturday Session 2
Saturday Session 3
Saturday Session 4
Sunday Session 1
Sunday Session 2
Sunday Session 3

2015 Fall State Meet Results

Level 1   Level 2   Level 3   Level 4   Level 5   Team Results

2015 Fall AAU 2nd Qualifier Meet Results

South-Golden City
Session 1     Session 2     Session 3
Session 4     Session 5     Session 6

North-Aerial Stars
Session 1 Level 1-All
Session 2 Level 1-All
Session 3 Level 2-All
Session 4 Level 2-All
Session 5 Level 3N-1
Session 5 Level 3N-2
Session 5 Level 3N-3
Session 5 Level 3N-4
Session 6 Level 3N-5
Sesson 6 Level 3N-6
Session 6 Level 3A-all
Session 6 Level 3O-all
Session 7 Level 3 Elite-all
Session 7 Level 4 Elite-all
Session 7 Level 4N 1-2
Session 7 Level 4O 1-2
Session 7 Level 5N, Level 5O-all

2015 Fall AAU 1st Qualifier Meet Results


2015 AAU Spring State Results

Level 1          Intermediate Modified

Level 2          Advanced Modified

Level 3          Ladies

Level 4

Level 5

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

2015 AAU Spring 3rd Qualifier Results




Level 1 Results

Level 2 Results

Level 3 Results

Level 4 Results

Level 5 Results

Modified Optional Results

Level 7 Results

Level 8 Results

Level 9 Results

Level 10 Results


2015 AAU Spring 2nd Qualifier Results

South-Golden City

Central-Aerial Stars

North-Sun Country


2015 AAU Spring 1st Qualifier Results



2014 All Arounds After State Meet

2014 AAU Fall 3rd Qualifier Results

North and South All Arounds After 3rd Qualifier



2014 AAU Fall 2nd Qualifier

SOUTH-Golden City Gymnastics

Level 1    Level 2     Level 3     Level 4     Level 5

NORTH-Fit Club

Level 1-5 meet Results

2014 AAU Fall 1st Qualifier

SOUTH-Horizon Gymnastics  Level 1-5 Results

NORTH & SOUTH 1ST Qualifier All Arounds

2014 AAU Southeast Regional Invitational
Ocean Center- Daytona Beach    Level 1    Level 2    Level 3   Level 4   Level 5  Level 7-10  Modified Optional

2014 AAU Spring State Meet
Ocean Center- Daytona Beach    Level 1    Level 2    Level 3   Level 4 

2014 Spring 3rd Qualifier- SOUTH
Horizon Gymnastics     Friday      Saturday      Sunday

2014 Spring 3rd Qualifier- NORTH
Suncoast Gymnastics

2014 Spring 2nd Qualifier- NORTH
Taylor Gymnastics

2014 Spring 1st Qualifier- NORTH
Tumbles Gymnastics       Level 1-2       Level 3       Level 4-5       Level 7-9       Modified Optional

2014 Spring 1st Qualifier- SOUTH
Naples Progressive       Level 2       Level 3       Level 4       Level 5       Level 7-9       Modified Optional