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 Please note:

The official rule in the Team Florida AAU Gymnastics program regarding the use of an alternate type of board for vault:

ALL levels  EXCEPT levels 9 and 10 may use either:

A. A regulation Spring Board (board that uses metal springs for rebounding).

B. An alternative Board (board that uses a black mesh bed that is designated for vaulting, commonly referred to as an Airboard).

Judges are to allow either type of board to be used at vault.  In addition, if the gymnast performs two vaults, she may use a regulation board for one vault and an alternative board for the other vault.

Reminder:  the use of additional matting on any event is allowed to facilitate the safety of the gymnast.  Matting CANNOT however, go below the NGB's minimum specifications.  Execution deductions will apply if when using additional matting, the gymnasts feet touch/hit/brush the matting.

Kathy Stuenkel
Team Florida AAU Gymnastics Chair
4287 La France Ave.
North Port. Fl





Vault Level 8 modification for Team Florida AAU 


  • If a gymnast performs as her first vault a Tsukahara or Yurchenko type vault and DOES NOT land on her feet resulting in a zero as decided by the judging panel, the gymnast is allowed to perform a second NON-SALTO vault for a score.
  • If a gymnast performs as her first vault, a Tsukahara or Yurchenko type vault and lands on the soles of her feet and receives a score, she may perform a second vault, salto or non salto, and the better of the two scores will count.









2015 Gene Stowe Scholarship Application-Click Here


August 1, 2014
A note from your District Sport Chair:
The competitive season will soon be upon us.  The New Team Florida Handbook for 2014-2015 is now posted!  There have been quite a few changes/modifications, including the NEW MODIFIED OPTIONAL INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.  Take the time to carefully and thoroughly read the entire handbook.  You should keep a copy in your gym as well as making sure all staff involved in the Team Florida AAU competition has a copy.  There has been a $5.00 increase in the state meet fees.  Many issues and questions can be resolved by referring to the handbook.  Much thought, time and effort has gone in to the revisions in order to continue to provide clubs with fair, enjoyable competition.
Wishing you great things this year!
Kathy Stuenkel
Team Florida Gymnastics President

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