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New 2015-2016 Team Florida Handbook-updated 10/1/2015



Vault Level 8 modification for Team Florida AAU 


  • If a gymnast performs as her first vault a Tsukahara or Yurchenko type vault and DOES NOT land on her feet resulting in a zero as decided by the judging panel, the gymnast is allowed to perform a second NON-SALTO vault for a score.
  • If a gymnast performs as her first vault, a Tsukahara or Yurchenko type vault and lands on the soles of her feet and receives a score, she may perform a second vault, salto or non salto, and the better of the two scores will count.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) has announced that

Nicole "Nikki" Carroll of Tampa

is the recipient of the

2015 High School Sullivan Award for Females.

Team Florida's own Nikki Carroll from Tampa Gymnastics and Dance has been named the winner of one of the highest honors in the AAU.... the AAU High School Sullivan Award for 2015.  A gymnastics stand-out in Team Florida for many years, Nikki recently graduated from high school and was awarded the Team Florida Eddie Wortman Senior Scholarship award.  Then the unbelievable happened....Nikki won the high school Sullivan Award!  She has been awarded a $10,000.00 scholarship from the James A. Sullivan AAU foundation. But maybe it is not so unbelievable after all...Nikki is an amazing athlete in two sports, gymnastics and pole vaulting.  In fact, she will be attending the University of South Florida to compete on the women's collegiate pole vaulting team on an athletic scholarship.  (Of course everyone knows gymnastics helped her to become an amazing pole vaulter!!).  Besides coming from one of the largest gymnastics programs in the state and having been trained by totally outstanding coaches, Nikki is an amazing role model for the youth of this country and so deserving of this honor.

Our sincerest congratulations to Nikki and her coaches, Kevin Griffin, Diana Jackson, Alexis MacLellan, Jennifer Rainsberger,  and Tampa Gymnastics program supervisor Patti Gross.

Dreams really do come true!!

Kathy Stuenkel

Team Florida AAU Gymnastics Chair

This recognition comes with a $10,000 scholarship award and is awarded annually to 1 Male and 1 Female athlete in the AAU. The award is based on certain qualities in the individual athletes, including leadership, character, sportsmanship, academics, and accomplishments in their sports.

Nikki Carroll competes in both Gymnastics and Pole Vaulting in AAU.

Nikki has been competing in AAU Gymnastics since her first team levels when she was a gymnast at Lightning City Gymnastics and has been competing for Tampa Gymnastics and Dance for the past 5 seasons. Nikki has won many local and state competitions. In 2014 she was the All Around Champion at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Des Moines, Iowa.

Nikki also competes in Pole Vaulting at the National Level. She has also set a few records along the way. She is a 2 time Florida High School State Champion while competing for Tampa Catholic High School. In 2014 she placed 6th in Pole Vaulting at the AAU Junior Olympic Games.   

Nikki will be attending The University of South Florida in the Fall of 2015 on a full athletic scholarship for Pole Vaulting.

For more information contact the National AAU office at 407-934-7200 or 800-AAU-4USA.


I received the call from AAU unexpectedly as I was walking out the door to leave.  To say that it caught me by complete surprise is an absolute understatement.  I never, in a million years (literally), thought it was even possible for me to win.  I know that I submitted my application understanding that scholarship awards would be given, but I honestly NEVER thought I would be the overall winner.  When my gym coach, Kevin Griffin, originally gave me the paperwork and suggested that I submit the application, even he tried to keep things realistic.  He told me that I probably would not win, but maybe I would have a chance to be considered for a smaller award. SURPRISE!

I tried to refrain from screaming into the person’s ear on the other end of the phone.  I am sure that I let out a few yelps, along with a few OMG’s and “I can’t believe it” ’s.  My mom said that I was holding on to the counter like I was going to fall over, but I will not admit to that.  I am so glad that I was home for the personal phone call.  It was so much nicer to hear fantastic news like this from a human rather than just some type of electronic notification.

Even though a few days have now gone by, this still seems like a dream.  As I learn more and more about the Sullivan award and the amazing previous recipients I feel so incredibly honored to have my name added to that elite list.

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in AAU sports during my youth career and I look forward to giving back in the future.

Nikki Carroll

2015 Gene Stowe Scholarship Application-Click Here

August 1, 2014
A note from your District Sport Chair:
The competitive season will soon be upon us.  The New Team Florida Handbook for 2014-2015 is now posted!  There have been quite a few changes/modifications, including the NEW MODIFIED OPTIONAL INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.  Take the time to carefully and thoroughly read the entire handbook.  You should keep a copy in your gym as well as making sure all staff involved in the Team Florida AAU competition has a copy.  There has been a $5.00 increase in the state meet fees.  Many issues and questions can be resolved by referring to the handbook.  Much thought, time and effort has gone in to the revisions in order to continue to provide clubs with fair, enjoyable competition.
Wishing you great things this year!
Kathy Stuenkel
Team Florida Gymnastics President

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